Corporate welfare

A service aimed at ensuring greater psychological well-being to employees and their families.

In addition to the possibility of carrying out standard psychological interviews, we offer tailor-made courses aimed at managing and reducing stress, also by means of relaxation and meditation techniques. In doing so, we intend to provide employees with stress management solutions, enabling them to regain an adequate work-life balance.

These programs, for instance, can allow you to learn how to recognize your body’s signals, often expressions of tension and psychological distress, and enable you to acquire useful tools to cope with stressful events.

Depending on the duration of the path and according to individual needs, during the sessions there will be

the opportunity to experiment and learn different practices, including diaphragmatic breathing,

the mountain meditation and Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation.

In order to ensure the well-being of the whole family, we have also created a path aimed at supporting adolescents,

who have had to go through the multiple hardships entailed by distance learning.

Indeed, distance education, as well as the socialization struggles linked to the pandemic, have triggered

a number of difficulties in adolescents, including a sense of loss, demotivation, anger and frustration.

A path of psychological support can help them recognize their emotions and learn how to regulate them,

tolerate frustration, learn to manage time and organize their activities,

process the difficulties they have experienced and give them meaning.

In this case too, there is the possibility of integrating the path with practical techniques, such as Mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques.


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