Parenting support

Being parents could sometimes hide difficulties, which are linked to both individual and couple aspects. It implies parents' ability to restructure their educational style in a dynamical way, based on the changes related to the children's growth and the various contexts of life.

Needing to raise a child in a foreign country, can be one of those living conditions that make a parent's job more difficult. The family's support network, such as grandparents, uncles and friends, plays a very valuable role in a child's growth stages, but living abroad makes it hard to benefit from their help.

Moreover, the school and educational system of the welcoming country can be very different from the one of the country of origin and this can create difficulties in supporting a child in his school path.


Furthermore, the attempt to integrate the original culture with a different one 

can be tough and, above all, it's hard to grow a child harmoniously

and naturally in two cultures.

We offer a parenting support service to deal with the emotional, relational and communicative complexity that characterizes the relationship with children, especially in some delicate stages of growth (difficulties in growth, family problems, evolutionary steps such as the adolescence).

The service is available both for couples and for individual parents.

In addition, Wind Rose also aims to support the parents of those people who have decided to spend a period of study abroad, or who have decided to move permanently to another country.

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