Quite frequently, the excitement preceding a departure can generate unreal expectations regarding the possibility and the ease of establishing new relationships in the country of arrival, giving way to a difficult disillusionment, which can be hard to verbalize. Opening up and sharing one's own sufferance and sense of loneliness with others can be perceived as an admission of failure and lead to sensing the risk of compromising one's own personal and professional reputation.


Nonetheless, loneliness is a phenomenon affecting the expatriates' community at all levels, from the most successful

and self-confident managers, to their partners, who sacrifice their own career to follow them, all the way to backpackers traveling the world in search of a new adventure. Everyone is looking for relationships and opening up,

by expressing one's own difficulties, can allow others to identify themselves with the same experience.

Until the moment in which one can manage to share his experience, it is likely to wear protective masks, continuing

to hamper the possibility of establishing deep and meaningful contacts.


Over time, the ​absence od an adequate support can lead to an intensification of the discomfort and cause the

chronicization of the problem and the related sufferance condition.


Recognizing this uncomfortable condition and seeking help the moment it shows, or even as a precautionary measure prior to a departure, promotes the possibility of exploring one's emotions and deepest needs, as well as identifying the most functional ways to react and open up to the possibility of building profound and authentic relationships.

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