About us

Wind Rose is the result of our great passion for intercultural experiences and our strong interest in people's psychological and emotional well-being. We have completed both study and work experiences abroad, spending

long periods away from home and meeting all the positive and negative aspects of such important and transformative experiences. For this reason, we thought of a psychological support service designed for all

the ones who, for one reason or another, find themselves spending a period of their life away from their roots and their loved ones. In the beginning, our idea was to create a project aimed mainly at students who decide to spend a period of study abroad. Although, we gradually became aware of the extent of the phenomenon of expatriation in Italy and the large number of "expats" who come to Milan to study or work on a permanent basis. We realized that there is a deep need to give support to anyone who decides to spend a period of his life away from home and, in order to respond to everyone's different needs, we decided to expand our services (in addition, each service is available in Italian, English and French).


Dr. Irene Pretoriani - Psychologist

Since her childhood she had the opportunity to relate to different languages ​​and cultures. She completed her Master Degree in Psychology with first class honors at San Raffaele University in Milan. During her studies she had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus + program, spending a period of her life abroad. Thanks to this experience she learned Spanish, in addition to the already known languages of German and English. She put her theoretical knowledge into practice at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, doing the clinical activity in the department of alcoholism and drug addiction.

She currently conducts psychological interviews at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan and is working in school assistance for a Social Cooperative.

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Dr. Eleonora Zuliani - Psychologist

She has always cultivated a passion for foreign languages, culminated with the choice of a linguistic high school and a number of educational and work experiences abroad. She completed her Master Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology with first class honors at San Raffaele University in Milan, consolidating her educational path at San Raffaele Hospital and Maggiore Policlinico Hospital in Milan. She took a Master in Psychomotricity and Body-Mediated Counseling and obtained an advanced training on Specific Learning Disorders. She currently conducts psycho-diagnostic assessment interviews and psychological counseling at the European Institute of Oncology and pursues her passion for intercultural exchange at Wind Rose, as well as by working as an Expat Coach for CrossCulture2Go. 

She carries out her professional activity in Italian, English and French.

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